Who are we?

Trilla Industrias pláticas

Belonging to a group with plants in Madrid and Zaragoza, Trilla is a pioneer in the transformation of plastics. For more than 60 years we’ve manufactured packaging for some of the most significant industry sectors, such as automotive, logistics, pharmacy and distribution. Trilla quality is especially valued in fisheries, agriculture, meat and canned food. The most important groups in the production of beer, water and soft drinks have been using our bottle crates for decades.

Aware of the need to provide satisfactory products for its customers, appropriate to their end, and consistent with the use regulations, the company maintains an intensive investment policy in machinery and technology, as well as developing new standards. This allows us to produce efficiently and cleanly, offering the ability to adapt products with the latest developments, and the range of boxes covering virtually every sector. All our products are reusable and are guaranteed to make your long life acquisition cost.

The company, founded in 1945, is located in Alcala de Henares, and has a plot of almost 40,000 square meters. Our facilities were completely renovated in 1985 and features the latest technology in production and safety.

Recently, the company TRILLA INDUPLAST IBÉRICA, SLU has renewed the ISO 9001, and has incorporated the ISO 14001 into its certifications.